We provide a service to prospective authors on at least the following three levels:

  1. To read and to comment on manuscripts from prospective authors, i.e. at set fees.
  2. To assist writers of promising manuscripts in developing their work and to bring them in contact with publishers.
  3. To present attendees of the courses offered by the School with follow-up services.


  1. All manuscripts must be typed in 12 pt, 1½ spacing.
  2. The Agency undertakes to read your submitted manuscript at a set fee.
  3. The Agency undertakes to comment on manuscripts in the form of a written report.
  4. Suggestions for improvement of the manuscripts will be made, where possible.
  5. The reading of the manuscript does not include language editing.
  6. The Agency does not guarantee that manuscripts, after reading, will be accepted by publishers for publication.
  7. The Agency will return the manuscript within a reasonable time.
  8. The Agency will reread improved manuscripts, and the costs will be negotiated with the author.