Implementation of Expertise

  • Undertaking external consultations as well as related investigations to advance relevance.
  • Involvement  / engagement in commercial research (“commissioned research”) and development of suitable instruments of research with a view to address research demands and ensure the relevance of research interventions
  • Commercialisation of expertise and research
  • Advance research outputs in partnership with relevant research entities

  Initiatives Identified in Support of the Main Strategies of the Centre for Governance

  • Identification and facilitation of strategic partnerships and networks;
  • Promoting multidisciplinary and trans-institutional interaction between faculties, campuses, and research entities (inter alia, Social Transformation, Teaching-Learning Organisations, Tourism Research in Economic Environs and Society, the Unit for Environmental Sciences and Management, the Unit for Development in the South African Constitutional State, and the Unit for Economic and Management Sciences)
  • Promoting and facilitating interaction and liaison with the public and private sectors in order to achieve cooperation and multidisciplinary interventions; and
  • Facilitating and where appropriate coordinate engagement between the public sector and the PC of the NWU.