Client-customised skills and professional development programmes is a critical aspect in addressing unique capacity constraints within the public sector. In this regard the Centre for Governance offers the following non-formal short learning programmes (SLP's) on behalf of the School for Social and Government Studies:


  Short Learning Programme in Municipal Governance (Councilor Development Programme)

The Short Learning Programme (SLP) in Municipal Governance targets both elected and appointed officials in local government. It aims to equip participants with the management and leadership attributes and skills necessary to guide council decisions, and to ensure effective management of directorates by public managers. This will in turn advance the developmental local agenda.


  Short Learning Programme in Executive Leadership

The Centre for Governance is the national service provider for the Executive Development Programme (EDP). The EDP is the flagship programme of The National School of Government (NSG) and is aligned to the Senior Management Service Competency Framework. It aims to equip senior management service members to effectively and efficiently manage and provide strategic leadership to national and provincial government departments.


  General Short Learning programmes

The Centre offers more than 21 Short Courses that are registered with ICAS (the Institutional Committee for Academic Standards). These Short Courses are aligned to either the SLP in Municipal Governance, SLP in Executive Leadership and (or) the formal BA in Public Governance or the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management. This alignment between Short Courses and SLPs or formal qualifications ensures that practical effect is given to the RPL Policy of the NWU whilst also providing for alternative learner pathways:

  • Programme and Project Management 
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Leadership for Good Governance
  • Financial Management and Budgeting
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Policy Formulation and Implementation
  • Communication and Customer Focused Strategies
  • Leading Change
  • The SA Economy in a Global Context
  • Research methodology for SMS in the Public Sector
  • Supply Chain Management
  • The Municipal Governance Context
  • The Statutory and Regulatory Framework for Local Government 
  • Local Democracy
  • Municipal Policy-making and Planning
  • Municipal Service Excellence
  • Core Municipal Imperatives and Strategies
  • Developmental Local Government Design & Organisational Development
  • Good Local Governance and Service Ethos