2018 workshops

Article Writing Workshop - 25 April 2018Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop - 26 April 2016


ATLAS.ti workshops (2015)

At the first digital humanities workshop, held on 24 February 2015, Dr Liesl van der Merwe conducted a session on “Applications of ATLAS.ti in music research”. The following graduate students also contributed to these workshops: Ewie Erasmus, Hattingh Davel, Tammy Aslett, Carin Louw and Leonie Human.

On 28 April 2015 another workshop was presented by Dr Liesl van der Merwe for faculty and graduate students who were ready to analyse their data for their own research. The workshop gave an introduction to the basics of ALTAS.ti such as HU, PD, Quotes, Messages, Memos and basic skills related to codification and Networkviews.


Dalcroze workshops (2015)

The SAME conference (2015) began each morning with a Dalcroze workshop, which was presented by Bethan Habron-James. The weekend after the conference she offered intensive training from Friday 27 March to Sunday 29 March. These and other Dalcroze workshops stimulated Dalcroze research. The following MASARA members are involved in Dalcroze research: Prof. Hannes Taljaard, Ms Catrien Wentink, Dr Liesl van der Merwe and Dr John Habron.

Dalcroze Dalcroze

A second intensive Dalcroze weekend was held from 13 to 15 November 2015. An intensive interview was conducted with Bethan Habron-James as part of Dr Liesl van der Merwe and Dr John Habron's next research project. The Sunday workshop was conducted as part of Ms Catrien Wentink's DMus research.


Dalcroze weekly classes

Every Thursday at 10:00 students and lecturers attend a Dalcroze workshop facilitated via Skype by Bethan Habron-James (Elmhurst School for Dance, Royal Northern College of Music, Dalcroze Society, UK). The course consists of practical classes in Dalcroze Eurhythmics.