Congratulations to the winners of the School of Philosophy's annual Essay Competition!
The winners in the two categories are:

  • 1st Prize (R2000): Rethabile Sere

Essay title: "Utilizing Steve Biko’s Philosophy as a Catalyst to Help the Black Man, Specifically in South Africa, Find Contentment in Himself"

  • 2nd Prize (R1500): Thato Mokhomong

Essay title: "Merleau-Ponty’s Critique on Empiricism and Rationalism From an Embodied Perspective"

  • 3rd Prize (R1000): Mashele Rosemary

Essay title: "The notion of Ubuntu in Relation to Quarantining Practices"

  • Honourable mention: Keabetswe Siwe

Essay title: "The Covid-19 Pandemic: An Essay"

  • 1st Prize (R2000): Ndu Goeieman

Essay title: "Does Happiness Truly Exist Or Is It A Necessary Fallacy To Allow Us To Continue Living Our Lives?"

  • 2nd Prize (R1500): Ernie Else

Essay title: "A Brief Inquiry Into Oneness and Ecofeminism"

  • 3rd Prize (R1000): Pienaar Rossouw

Essay title: "On Moral Luck and Happiness"

  • Honourable mention: Peter Verbeek

Essay title: "Social Justice as Basis for Implementing a Flat Rate for Electricity and Water Per Month"