Dear First- Year Student, welcome to the Faculty of Humanities!

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As a field of study, Humanities is regarded as one of the oldest academic disciplines within the higher education sector.  As an academic field of enquiry that focuses on understanding, interpreting, communicating and producing knowledge about multiple human experiences and interactions, the field of Humanities remains essential both in the higher education sector and in the corporate world. We are one of the largest faculties at the NWU with more than 7000 students, 15 subject areas and academic majors, and have six academic schools. The faculty is among the leaders in performing art design, languages, linguistics, literature, history, theology, architecture, archaeology, sociologists, social anthropologists to only name a few. 

The Faculty of Humanities offers students a powerful currency and broad perspective for today's rapidly changing world. We are committed to providing a high-quality education wherein students are nurtured in the critical understanding and interpreting the multiple human experiences. The university's core strategic values guide our approach to teaching, learning, research, and community engagement to provide academic excellence through social justice.


This website was created to help and support you during the Registration and Orientation period of 2021.  We have carefully planned a special programme for our first-year students to ensure your registration runs smoothly. We will offer several tools to you to utilise,  to ensure that the transformation between School and University is smooth and successful


If you follow all the steps carefully, read all the instructions you will breeze through R&O.


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