This research programme is comprised of three sub-programs, namely:

Media products and production in changing contexts 

In this sub-program all aspects of media products (video, newspapers, magazines, radio and social media) are studied. The focus is both on media production as well as the impact of media on society. Currently the research focus is on community newspapers, quality in newspapers, photo journalism and other visual aspects of journalism.

Communication management in changing contexts

The focus is on communication manage­ment, but broader issues in the field of corporate communication are also addressed.   The focus in post graduate studies is currently on: Corporate Social Responsibility Communication; Branding and Reputation Management, Relationship Management, Internal Communication Manage­ment, Change Management and Media Manage­ment. These topics could be applied in the non-profit, for-profit and public sectors.

Communication phenomena in changing contexts 

In this sub-program the focus is on the phenomena of communication itself.  Studies in this regard typically investigate the nature of communication in different contexts.  The focus in post-graduate studies is on: the nature of communication in developmental contexts, the nature of communi­cation on social media, the nature of communi­cation in organizational and govern­mental contexts, intercultural communi­cation and electoral communi­cation.  Studies addressing fundamental communication issues are also included.