The generic focus of the participants in this programme is on twentieth-century and contemporary South African history, cultural history and heritage studies.

At the moment the programme consists of a range of individual projects of the senior researchers and postgraduate students in the programme. There is a measure of collaboration between supervisors and students in writing co-authored research articles, but no comprehensive team research project. There are approximately twenty participants who are actively involved, including permanent academic staff, an extraordinary professor, research associates and postgraduate (masters and doctoral) students. In terms of quality and quantity these participants have the capacity to produce a healthy output of academic articles, books (monographs and edited volumes), academic dissertations and research papers.

Some of the areas of specialisation include military history, gender history, environmental history, cultural history, social history and heritage management. In the short term the aim is to remain active and organised as researchers working in the same broad fields of history, cultural history and heritage studies to produce research outputs under the banner of the Focus Area Social Transformation of the North-West University.