About Politics as a research programme

Politics is distinguishable from the regal forms of government and focuses on the attempts to gain consent for laws and government through representation and conciliation (even for opposing interests). Politics is thus the art of controlling and reconciling the diverse interests within a state, while the goal of Politics is to create the realm in which individuals can exist freely side by side, while protecting the private space required for personal development. As such, the Research Programme focuses on issues such as the (nature of the) development of the state, the different political ideologies and forms of government, as well as the status of interaction between citizen and the government.

The Research Programme “Politics” thus aims to contribute to the strategic aims of the Research Focus Area by addressing contemporary political issues of South Africa and the World. These aims are achieved through the creation, facilitation, management and evaluation of a solid research approach in order to deliver integrated academic outputs. Outputs consist of a combination of published research articles, attendance of strategic workshops, presentations at colloquiums, starting new strategic partnerships and pooling expertise in the search for additional resources and partnerships.


An international conference titled "The rise of Islamic extremism" was held at this campus in March 2016, with the primary aim being to investigate the contemporary impact and evolving nature of Islamic extremism, especially on Africa and South Africa. This was acheived through extensive discussions and debates with experts, both international and national, on the subject of Islamic extremism.


For further information regarding this research programme, please contact the programme leader Dr. Barend Prinsloo on +27 18 285 2552 or barend.prinsloo@nwu.ac.za