Dr Yolandi Coetser
Dlitt et Phil Philosophy (University of Johannesburg); MA Philosophy (University of Johannesburg); BA Hons Philosophy (University of Johannesburg); BA Journalism (University of Johannesburg)
Social philosophy
  +27 18 299 ****
  Building F13, Room G04
Prof Anné Verhoef
Director of the School of Philosophy
Transcendence, Happiness, Paul Ricoeur
  018 299 1569
  Building F13, Room G11
Dr Phemelo Marumo
Senior Lecturer / Deputy Director
Future rated Researcher
  018 389 2463
  Academic Building, 2nd Floor, Block B, Room 215
Prof Chantelle Gray
Associate Professor
Contemporary Philosophy, Deleuze and Guattari
  018 299 ****
  Building F13, Room G03
Dr Jean du Toit
Senior Lecturer
BSc Biochemistry and Physiology, BSc Honns in Biochemistry, MSc in Biochemistry, MPhil, PhD in Philosophy
Phenomenology, Philosophy of Technology, Ethics, Philosophy of Science, History of Philosophy, Critical Theory, Queer studies.
  018 299 1891
  Building F13, Room G01
Mr Tinus van der Walt
Master of Arts in Philosophy, Honours Bachelors in Philosophy, Bachelors of Arts and Science (Planning)
Reformational philosophy, methodology, non-reductionist ontology
  018 299 1905
  Building F13, Room G09
Ms Amantle Mothelesi
Masters in Population and Sustainable Development   
Incorporation of African Worldview with Demography specifically fertility
  018 389 2326
  Academic Building A3 , Block B, 2nd Floor office
Ms Pertunia Ramolai
Junior Lecturer
BA Law; BA Hons Philosophy; MA in Philosophy
African Philosophy
  016 910 3518
  Building B11B, Room G44