Frequently asked questions

1. Are any of your writing courses offered by correspondence?

Unfortunately not. Although there may be demand for it, we do not have enough staff to offer such additional services.

 2. Can one teach someone to become a writer?

Talent for writing is, of course, not something we can claim to offer. One can, however, assist in bringing someone into contact with their talent. What we can do, is to help writers to improve their writing. All of us can learn to edit our own work. The tools that a person can employ in rewriting his or her work are discussed in our courses and can be taught and learnt.

 3. In which languages are your writing courses offered?

The courses are offered in Afrikaans. However, at all our courses, assignments may be executed in either Afrikaans or English.

 4. Can course fees be paid electronically?

 Yes. For account information, phone +27 18 299 1783.

 5. Can I send you my manuscript for a review report on it?

 Yes, consult the information about the Writing Agency.

 6. What does it cost an author to have a book published?

If a recognised publisher accepts a manuscript for publication, it does not cost the author anything. In such cases the publisher produces the printed book on behalf of the writer.