Honours Communication

Honnours in Communication

Application process for Honours programmes

We offer three Honours programmes: Advanced Corporate Communication, Development Communication and Journalism and Media Studies.

All students have to apply online. The closing date is the 30th of September 2022.

To apply online:

  • Go to the NWU website

  • Click Study at the NWU

  • Click Apply here 

  • Click Honours/Postgraduate diploma/certificate

  • Click How to apply online to make sure you understand the process 

  • Next you can click Apply online below the How to tab 

  • When applying, you will have to download an Undertaking form so as to start the process. You will find all the instructions on how to apply online.



Documents you will have to upload:

  • A copy of your Identity document
  • A copy of your Matric certificate
  • A copy of your latest Academic record

Selection process


During our selection process we focus primarily on academic achievement. When processing the applications from students from other universities than the NWU we first make sure that the student has the relevant qualifications and had passed the relevant modules in their undergraduate programme to allow them entrance into our programme. We specifically look at marks for research methodology module/s, communication theory module/s and modules related to the specific programme the student is applying for.

Prospective candidates have to have achieved an average of at least 60% for their final year communication modules, and at least 60% for research methodology and communication theory modules. If a candidate adheres to these requirements, their applications will be considered along with all the other applications. Our capacity is limited; therefore we cannot indicate whether a candidate will be accepted before all the applications for that specific programme have been evaluated.


All our Honours programs are presented in full contact, meaning that students have to attend classes in person for the duration of their Honours studies.