Course Overview

This course is aimed at beginners interested in learning French with no required pre-knowledge of the language. French is offered on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  Undergraduate studies involve first to third year level work, while postgraduate work entails the completion of an honours degree.  Attention is given to both literary, linguistic and especially usage related aspects of the French language.  French is offered for three to five hours per week. These classes focus strongly on oral proficiency and the course is overall communication-oriented, based on an intercultural approach.

It is the official language of the majority of countries in Africa, the African Union and SADC. Moreover, the departments of Tourism, Home Affairs, Justice, International Relations, among others, in South Africa, are always in need of people who can speak more than one international language. Thus, knowledge of French will enable students to be able to work as translators, interpreters and language teachers.

This course focuses on:

  • Development of oral and written skills and the acquisition of correct French pronunciation
  • A systematic overview of French grammar and syntax and the systematic acquisition of vocabulary
  • The interpretation of a variety of French literary texts
  • The geographic, political and socio-historical background of French and Francophone culture


 Career opportunities

  • Teaching English as a second language
  • Foreign language practitioner
  • Translation work
  • Journalism
  • Academia & research (within tertiary environment)
  • Foreign customer services
  • Language practitioner (government & private sector)
  • Whatever you study, French will always be useful, because it enables you to function in a working environment which has contact with French speaking partners or clients.
  • Hospitality, recreation & tourism sector


For more interesting facts and statistics about French and the French-speaking world, visit: