Course Overview

The Sesotho programme offered at the NWU for undergraduate students consists of the academic and practical study of Sesotho for non mother-tongue speakers and mother-tongue speakers. For postgraduate studies, the NWU offers the programme: Comparative African Languages and Literatures.  The modules offered in the Sesotho programme involve the study of linguistic function in relation to the grammatical, literary and business spheres.  Programme: Comparative African Languages and Literatures: The modules for B.A. Hons involve South African and African comparative literatures, Contemporary African literary trends, an overview of developments in African literatures, and African linguistics.


Career options

  • Teaching
  • Creative writing
  • Academia & research
  • Editing 
  • Language practice
  • Motivational speaking
  • Broadcasting & advertising
  • Translating & interpreting
  • Journalism
  • Entrepreneurship & business
  • Some of the challenges of Sesotho include the National Language Plan, the marketing of linguistic human rights, language as economic resource, the economy of language and the National Curriculum Statement.