Course Overview

Used by almost one million deaf and hearing South Africans, South African Sign Language (SASL) is the official language of the South African Deaf community and has linguistic rules just as all other spoken languages do.  This study program is designed for people who would like to learn South African Sign Language (SASL) to enhance their careers or for personal enrichment. You learn how to communicate with deaf people through this medium, SASL. You are also exposed to the culture of the Deaf community. 

The academic modules include, studying the principles, methods and techniques on how to communicate in sign language with the Deaf. You learn about the linguistics of this visual-gestural language. Deafness, the history and the development of sign language in the global and South African context are covered in this module. You learn the norms and values that form part of the Deaf community. You are also exposed to the challenges the Deaf have to face and how you can become an activist for change in the lives of deaf people.


Career opportunities

  • Deaf education – you can become a teacher at a school for the Deaf.
  • Social services and health care – you can help to make these services accessible to the Deaf in your workplace.
  • Psychology – you can specialise as a psychologist for the Deaf.
  • Interpreting – you can become a SASL interpreter (a real one, not a fake!) in a variety of environments (courts, churches, schools, social work, etc.