Brass Ensembles

Ensemble practice and performance is an important part of brass instrument study at the NWU School of Music. All brass students are grouped by year level into ensembles of miscellaneous instrumentation, where they receive real-time feedback on technique, sound quality, tuning and blending. This is a beneficial supplement to the one-on-one lessons, and when students can see their own issues in their colleagues’ playing, it gives an often much needed alternative perspective to the brass playing condition.

The brass ensembles play music of a variety of styles, from the renaissance period all the way through to modern music, including popular and traditional South African styles. Performances are scheduled throughout the year at various concerts in the Conservatory Hall and at different ceremonial occasions across the campus. The brass ensembles have a strong following and are often called upon to provide music for events, private functions and various bookings throughout the North-West and Gauteng provinces.

For further information about the brass ensembles at the School of Music, please contact Mr Justin Sasman or Dr Yvonne-Marié Brand.