Bertha Spies was an associate professor in music theory at the NWU School of Music from 1993 until 2003. During the early years of her tenure, Prof Spies recognized a serious need to improve and enrich the lives of children from low socio-economic communities in Potchefstroom. In her view, the method to accomplish this aim was through music making and formal music training. During the last two decades Ms Dirkie Nell and Ms Annette Massyn provided valuable leadership in the Musikhane Community Programme.

In response to changing social and economic circumstances, the Musikhane Community Programme has taken on various guises. Currently the programme serves 60 intermediate phase learners from Potchefstroom Primary School. Student-teachers from the School of Music gain valuable in service training through an integrated afternoon programme.


Musikhane strives to create opportunities for meaningful musical experiences for learners and student-teachers involved in the community music programme.


Creating opportunities to care for one another through musicing.


Musikhane improves the lives of members of the community by providing greater access to meaningful music educational experiences. Through music and movement participants explore what it means to be part of a community of learners, developing their musical and social skills along the way. Student-teachers experience the ecstasy and frustrations of teaching in a real-world setting, equipping them to become future music educators and community music practitioners.

For further information about the Musikhane Community Programme, please contact Ms Janelize van der Merwe.

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