North-West Youth Orchestra

The North-West Youth Orchestra (NWYO) is a reputable orchestra for young musicians in the North-West Province. The impact of the NWYO is far-reaching and the orchestra is well-known for its high standards and for promoting indigenous music. We create music educational opportunities for the youth of the North-West province by providing a platform where orchestral skills can be developed in order for the youth to pursue a professional career in music. The NWYO provides a goal for the students of the Musikhane Community Project to strive towards and develop further in the orchestra.

The programme gives young musicians the opportunity to experience the pleasure of playing in a symphony orchestra. It empowers youths with musical skills and knowledge that can be applied in a professional career later in life. Quite a few of its former members have also become members of professional symphony orchestras throughout the country. The programme can look back on a rich tradition of cultural, artistic and educational contributions to the people of the country, and is positively engaged in the enrichment of the musical life of especially the North-West Province.

Our goal includes the promotion of musical arts by encouraging excellence in the arts through education, and promoting living cultural heritage. We are involved in outreach programmes and our main objective is also to create and maintain an environment in which the arts in the North-West may flourish. We also share the same vision and that is to invest in the value of music and to advance the cultural and educational development of young people.

For further information about the Youth Orchestra at the School of Music, please contact Prof Liesl van der Merwe.