Knowledge gained in Development Studies can be used to facilitate the implementation of development programmes and projects using appropriate strategies and techniques. Learn to utilise the experiences of other countries, especially developing countries, in applying development policies in rural and urban development. Develop the ability to promote good governance in facilitating sustainable livelihoods among disadvantaged groups in the rural areas of the North West Province, South Africa and the African continent at large. Learn to promote awareness among rural and urban communities of the role of land reform in promoting equity, social justice and sustainable livelihoods, and knowledge among rural and urban communities, government and non-governmental organisations as well as other stakeholders of the role of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) in addressing development issues. 

Degree options

The Bachelor of Social Science (BSoc Sc) in Development Studies is a multidisciplinary three-year degree which prepares graduates for career opportunities in public, private, non-governmental and multinational organisations, inside and outside South Africa. The focus is on helping students to understand the complex and multi-dimensional nature of development and equipping them with the skills necessary for them to be effective in areas such as development facilitation, policy development and analysis, development administration and planning, research and monitoring and evaluation.

Apart for the BSoc Sc in Development Studies, programmes offered also include:


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