Sociology is a science that reveals a new language and the world to you. Sociology is a science concerned with the human being and his/her environment. The interaction that a person has with him/herself and his/her fellow man is looked at. Sociology is concerned with normal behaviour as well as with abnormal behaviour. From this it is evident that Sociology touches a person's entire life and can supply each person with guidelines to plan a new dynamic future together.

The word Sociology in its broadest sense entails the study of society and interaction amongst people. More specifically, Sociology studies the following societal matters scientifically:

  • the spectrum of human interaction, which ranges from harmonious relationships (order) to discordant relationships (disorder);
  • the nature of human relationships – from very informal to formal and those that occur within organisations;
  • social structures, institutions and aspects of society such as family, politics, economics, religion, media, health care, sport, gender and identity;
  • social problems – socio-economic inequality, exploitation, crime, poverty, development problems, war, conflict and refugees, and HIV/Aids.

Sociology places great value on advanced knowledge and skills.  It offers training that will equip you to make a significant contribution in a fast-changing world, especially in South Africa.  Through this training, you will acquire new expertise, analytical abilities and research skills, and be given the opportunity to practise these.  These abilities are sought after in the labour market, but also afford you the opportunity to function independently in the labour sector.


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