African Language Journalism

The nature, content and language use of African-language journalism form part of the focus of this subprogramme. Journalism practice in African-language media is also studied to understand the peculiarities, challenges and prospects for improvement. African-language journalism is studied in terms of whether or not the media have started embracing the digital technologies and the extent to which their operations have been digitalised, if at all. African-language media are studied as alternative media and popular media. A robust theorisation is done in this regard.

Democracy and Development Communication in African Language Media

This forms part of the application of indigenous-language media.

Corporate Communication in African Languages

This is another arm of the application of African-language media. This subprogramme is interested in studying public relations and advertising messages done in African languages.

Management and Political Economy of African Language Media

This subprogramme is concerned with the reason why businesses in the African-language press are unstable. It is critical to note that the issue of political economy cannot be disregarded in the success or otherwise of African language media.

African Indigenous Communication Systems

The traditional African communication media include folklore and its artistic components such as dance, drama, songs, poetry, folktales, proverbs, etc. Others are symbolic objects, drums, gongs and the town-crier. This subprogramme is interested in exploring these traditional media for social, economic, political and development and social change communication.