Curriculum proposed for a BA in Language Technology. Please note that this information is subject to the necessary approval.


What is Language Technology?

Human language technology makes the interaction between people and machines (computers) easier by allowing people to communicate with computers in natural languages (such as isiZulu or Afrikaans). Computational Linguists use it to “teach” computers to understand and produce human communication (speech and text), so people can have access to new technologies in the language of their choice.

Year level 1: First semester

Languages (Choose two):

Afrikaans: Language without borders

German: German elementary 1

English: Introduction to literary genres (I)

French: French for beginners 1

Setswana: History of the Setswana orthography; communication skills or

Introduction to grammar and language proficiency

Computer Science: Introduction to computers and programming

Statistics: Descriptive Statistics

Mathematics (Choose one):

Mathematics: Introductory Algebra and Analysis I

Mathematics: Basic Mathematical Techniques


Year level 1: Second semester

Academic Literacy

Languages (Two of the following, succeeding modules elected in the first semester):

Afrikaans: Afrikaans and Dutch language and literary studies: The scientific process

German:  German elementary 2

English:  Introduction to literary genres (II) and grammatical analysis

French:  French for beginners 2

Setswana: Grammar and language proficiency or

Introduction to the grammar of Setswana, morphology and traditional literature.

Computer Science: Programming I

Language Technology: An Introduction

Statistics: Introductory Statistical Inference