Study communication for social change


What does a communication for social change practitioner do?

Social change refers to empowerment and development, mostly in a community context. A communication practitioner who specialised in communication for social change must be able to develop strategies to communicate with and on behalf of non-government organisations (including communities), the private sector as well as the government with the aim of empowering and mobilising societies for social change.  This person specialises in strategic communication within a development context, keeping the uniqueness and challenges of this context in mind. 


Where can you work?

A specialist in communication for social change can work for corporate organisations, especially in managing communication within the context of corporate social responsibility initiatives.  This person can also work for non-profit organisations that focus on empowerment and social change or can work for the government as communication practitioners in development initiatives.  Since South Africa is a developing country where development contexts have to be considered when communication strategies are planned, there is also the opportunity to work as a communication for social change consultant either in an existing business or by starting your own. 


Why study communication for social change at the NWU?

We have an established communication for social change program with lecturers who are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about this theoretical field of communication.  Our program has a unique focus in that we study communication for social change both from societal and corporate perspective.