Course Overview

Afrikaans and Dutch undergraduate studies is a course offered within the BA-programme and runs from first-year to third-year level.  Completion of third-year modules enables students, meeting minimum requirements, to continue with honours studies, lending admission to master and doctoral studies, within their chosen field of interest.  Studying Afrikaans and Dutch enables students to thoroughly approach Afrikaans linguistic and literary related topics from a scientific and scholarly point of view. 

Afrikaans Literature:

The most important literary works in Afrikaans are studied, as well as a fair amount of Dutch literature. The history of literature and literary theories are applied for purposes of finding new and relevant interpretations of poems, novels and plays. 

Afrikaans Linguistics:
  • Phonology & Phonetics (scientific study of speech representation and speech sounds)
  • Morphology (scientific study of word-formation)
  • Semantics (scientific study of meaning)
  • Syntax (scientific study of sentence structure)
  • Historical linguistics and Sociolinguistics (historical development of Afrikaans and its relationship to other languages and the social context)

Career opportunities

  • Teaching (when combined with postgraduate teaching certificate/diploma)
  • Academia & research
  • Freelance writing
  • Translation & interpreting work
  • Language technology (when combined with language technology degree)
  • Communication & journalism
  • Broadcasting industry
  • Copy-writing
  • Technical writing
  • Publishing
  • Lexicography
  • Specialized secretarial services
  • Proofreading
  • Language specialisation in government & industry sectors


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