General services to NWU students

We offer a range of services for your convenience:

PLEASE NOTE: Services do not include:

  • Proofreading and editing – consultants do not correct any mistakes or edit students’ writing, but rather guide them to identify and correct these mistakes themselves in order to improve their skills instead of just simply fixing the problem for them.
  • Performing plagiarism checks or providing Turnitin reports without thorough consultation on academic integrity.
  • Making any recommendations with regard to the subject content of students’ writing.
  • Translating texts (however, we can facilitate the process for students).
  • Consulting on multiple texts or particularly long texts in one consultation (we suggest scheduling follow-up consultations in these situations).
  • Using the consultation as a teaching opportunity.

Why not proofreading or editing?

Students need to take ownership of their own writing. It is difficult for students to learn and develop as writers if they have their writing edited by someone else. However, consultants may guide and support students in proofreading and editing strategies that will help them to identify and correct their own mistakes or improve their own writing.