Core team

      Research Director

Prof Lynnett Fourie

Prof Lynnette Fourie
Communication Studies

Administrative Personnel


Postgraduate Student Enquiries (applications and student support)

Ms Anzel van Rensburg
Administrative Assistant
Postgraduate Student Co-ordinator
Anzel van Rensburg

Postgraduate Administration

Ms Yvette Van der Merwe 
Administrative Assistant
Yvette Van der Merwe

Postgraduate Administration

Ms Kgomotso Bosilong
Research Support Co-ordinator
Kgomotso Bosilong

Financial and Publication Administration

Ms Simone Roos 
Senior Administrative Assistant
Simone Roos

Researchers/Academic personnel


Prof Gerrit van der Waldt
Public Administration
Prof Gerrit Van der Waldt
Prof André Duvenhage 
Political Studies
Prof Andre Duvenhage
Mrs Farzanah Loonate 
English & Academic writing skills