The term ‘governance’ refers to the manner in which key stakeholders and role-players make decisions to direct the activities of an institution, function or intervention. The Governmental perspective of governance refers to the exercise of political authority and the use of institutional recourses to manage societal challenges and affairs.

Fields of study

Public administration

In its broadest sense, Public Management and Governance entails the study of the way in which theory and practice combine to satisfy the most important needs of a country’s citizens.


Public Administration

Political studies and international relations

Political Studies focuses on matters associated with power and authority within the state and government, but also within society more broadly.


Political Studies and International Relations

Policing Practice

Become competent professional law enforcers in a variety of fields of policing.


Distance learning: Policing Practice

Centre for Governance

The current configuration of the South African socio-political and economic landscape poses numerous challenges to the institutions of the developmental state. It is evident that the state alone cannot resolve these wide ranging and complex societal problems. This, in turn, defines an opportunity for institutions of higher education, including the NWU, to make valuable contributions since by their very nature they represent concentrations of specialized and esoteric knowledge.

The Centre for Governance draws upon the knowledge and expertise of the School of Social and Government Studies, Professional Development, the Focus Area: Social Transformation and the broader academic community within the North West University and its three campuses. Read more