BA in Public Governance with Public Administration

Public officials in South Africa operate in a wide variety of roles in public administration and management structures. They often work in diverse operating and service delivery circumstances. The purpose of this course is to create a theoretical understanding of underlying concepts of public administration and the role of effective public administration in government. You will gain knowledge of core areas such as public finance, departmental structures and supply chains.

Degree options, campus and duration

BA in Public Governance with Public Administration is our mainstream qualification, specialising in Public Administration. It enables students to function in a problem-solving capacity in the workplace and to contribute through personal initiative and job creation.  It is a three-year course and presented full-time at our Vanderbijlpark  and Potchefstroom Campuses.

You can also major in one of the following options:

Labour Relations Management (PC, VC)

Labour relations is a supportive practice that specialises in the relationship between the management of a company and its workforce. Scholars in this field need a thorough understanding of labour legislation, human rights and labour practices in South Africa.

Social Studies (PC, VC)

The purpose of this programme is to enable both potential and existing public officials to optimally utilise public sector specific managerial and communication competencies in order to facilitate democratic governance and efficient and effective service delivery.

Politics (PC, VC)

To enable students to analyse and describe the nature and characteristics of political dynamics, political actors (e.g. political parties and interest groups) and processes (e.g. political communication and public opinion); and to apply the fundamental theories in this regard.

Geography (PC, VC)

Geographers are well placed to find solutions to some of the most pressing issues of our times, such as climate change, natural disasters, land degradation, overpopulation and rapid urban expansion. 

Politics and International relations (MC)

Political Studies focuses on matters associated with power and authority within the state and government, but also within broader society. As students of politics, we are focused on the games people play to wittingly and unwittingly drive political agendas. As Lasswell famously stated, "politics is about who gets what, when and how". Politics revolves around resource allocation within society and how formal (e.g. policy) and informal habits maintain or transform such resource allocation practices.

International Relations, on the other hand, focuses on relationships between nations, intergovernmental and non-governmental institutions, environmental politics, and security. A student of International Relations will acquire skills in diplomacy, conflict management and a critical analysis of global affairs.  

Core subjects

  •  Public Administration
  • Political Studies
  • Sociology
  • History

Admission requirements

  • APS of 25
  • Language Level 4 (50–60%)
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Career opportunities 

  • Public administrator (middle, senior management)
  • Public service official
  • Political analyst
  • Public Administration consultant
  • Service delivery specialist
  • Project / regulatory / procurement administrator


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