Language Technology Honours



Discover the potential of an Honours degree in Language Technology in the dynamic field of computational linguistics.
Contribute to diverse language integration, specialising in South African languages, and expand your machine learning and linguistics expertise. Join this niche field by delving into an immersive journey after your 3-year BA in Language Technology or equivalent degree.

With a specialised Language Technology honours degree, you'll be shaping the digital landscape that’s driving online platforms and applications. 



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Graphic Language Tech


1 Year - Full time | or | 2 Years - Part-time

Includes a 6-month internship at an applicable institute or company of choice.


A BA Degree in Language Technology or equivalent qualification with an average of at least 60% in the following subjects:

TTEG122, TTEG222, TTEG312, and TTEG322.



What if I didn’t study BA Language Technology or didn’t pass with a 60% minimum?

Exceptions will be considered on merit and may include an admission test and/or taking additional required modules. Modules include computer science, machine learning, and statistics.

A formal evaluation (interview and admission test) will be done to determine successful application.

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Two focused specialisation choices:

Computer Science or Languages

Only one module can be chosen for the selected specialisation. The module is taken over two semesters for a total of 24 credit points..




Computer Science

Modules to choose from:

  • Data Warehouses - 24 Credits -or-
  • Linear Programming - 24 Credits -or-
  • Databases - 24 Credits -or-
  • Information Systems Engineering - 24 Credits -or-
  • Computer Security - 24 Credits -or-
  • Artificial Intelligence - 24 Credits -or-
  • Image Processing - 24 Credits -or-
  • Decision Support Systems - 24 Credits




Modules to choose from:


  • Afrikaans text editing (24 credits) -or-
  • Afrikaans linguistics: themes and tendencies (24 credits) -or-
  • Language and society text study and text linguistics -or-
  • Forensic linguistics language and technology -or-


  • Linguistic theory -or-
  • Linguistic analysis and corpus linguistics -or-
  • English sociolinguistics -or-
  • Applied language studies -or-
  • Academic literacy topics in English linguistics -or-


  • Setswana: Linguistic theory -or-
  • Setswana: Morphology and phonology -or-
  • Setswana: Syntax -or-
  • Setswana: Semantics -or-


  • Principles and practice of professional translation -or-
  • Semantics and interpreting -or-
  • Methodology and didactics of teaching French as a foreign language -or-
  • Introduction to French linguistics -or-


  • German linguistics -or-
  • Didactics of the teaching of German as a foreign language -or-


  • Unseen translation and translation studies -or-
  • Judicial Latin






Identify & solve language technology problems

Able to identify and solve language technology problems critically and creatively by acquiring scientific factual knowledge.

Develop language technology applications

Develop, manage, and utilise language resources. Create language technology and natural language processing applications.

Contribute to multilingual empowerment

Understand the multilingual complexity of South Africa and contribute to the empowerment of the community via language technology.

Gain expertise in linguistics, statistics, mathematics, & computer science.

Master knowledge transfer from these fields to implement  and improve innovative speech and text processing techniques.

Solve problems within a team

Contribute to team tasks and clearly understand members' roles in solving Language Technological problems. Take responsibility for identifying and applying appropriate resources.

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