BPhil in Philosophy, Politics and Economics


The BPhil in Philosophy, Politics and Economics aims to examine and understand human problems relating to existence, knowledge, power, values and economics. These three aspects of our lives – philosophy, politics and economics – are integrally connected and should be understood in relation to each other. The combination of these subjects in one degree opens up further (postgraduate) studies in one of these fields, but most of all creates unique insights into these fields that help students to develop more accountable, informed and creative solutions.


Compulsory majors

Philosophy includes a variety of sub-disciplines. During the three-year course students will be exposed to questions and themes about logic (rational thinking skills), metaphysics (nature of reality), epistemology (truth and knowledge claims), ethics (norms and morality), ontology (existence and being), the history of philosophy, African philosophy, gender and race theory, etc. In combination, all these subjects have different connections and overlap with politics and economics.
Economics as a major in this BPhil degree equips one with a broad understanding of local and international applicable economic theory and science. This is crucial in our age of accelerating commercial and informational globalisation. As part of this degree the subject examines the political and moral contexts in which economics functions. It has a unique focus on the intersection of the economic, political and ethical aspects of the private and public sectors.
Philosophy and Politics have a combined focus on power relationships in society. Philosophy analyses the nature of power, whereas Politics examines the implementation of power in society, governance, ideologies, international relationships, human rights, etc. With Politics as a major in the PPE programme students will be exposed to different political theories, contemporary political issues, a global and South African political understanding, and various political concepts, ideas, philosophies and principles.

Core subjects

Combination of Philosophy, Politics and Economics. See the yearbook for more details.

Admission requirements

APS count of 26 (The APS Calculator can assist in working out your APS score).

Career opportunities

  • Politics 
  • Government service 
  • Public policy analysis and development 
  • Marketing and sales 
  • Journalism 
  • The business sector 
  • The legal profession