Development Studies

Development Studies is a multidisciplinary field that examines social, economic and political change. This field explores debates, experiences and practical ways of achieving an improvement in the human condition. The discipline considers changing debates in the theory and practice that have grown out of the history of work in developing countries and societies. Graduates are well positioned to work in state and civil-society contexts focused on development from the community to the national level.

Why study Development Studies?

Knowledge gained in Development Studies can be used to facilitate the implementation of development programmes and projects using appropriate strategies and techniques. Students learn to utilise the experiences of other countries, especially developing countries, in applying development policies in rural and urban development. They develop the ability to promote good governance in facilitating sustainable livelihoods among disadvantaged groups in the rural areas of North West, South Africa and the African continent at large. Students also learn to promote awareness among rural and urban communities of the role of land reform in promoting equity, social justice and sustainable livelihoods, and to promote knowledge among rural and urban communities, government and non-governmental organisations as well as other stakeholders of the role of indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) in addressing development issues.