Bachelor of Arts in Communication




The purpose of the qualification is to enable students to operate professionally and with authority in the different communication environments. A prospective communication practitioner can specialise in Advanced Corporate Communication, Development Communication or Journalism and Media Studies. Communication practitioners can work in any environment, be it in profit and non-profit organisations, or for commercial news media. All types of organisations in all sectors need to communicate with their stakeholders and build relationships to achieve their social and economic goals. 

Advanced Corporate Communication as specialisation focusses on establishing, building and communicating an organisation’s image and reputation. To achieve this aim, the focus is on the following elements: strategic communication and stakeholder management; image and reputation management; organisational culture; public speaking and oral presentations; projects; marketing management and integrated marketing communication. 

A communication practitioner who specialised in Development Communication will be able to develop communication strategies to communicate with and on behalf of non-governmental organisations (including communities), the private sector and the government with the aim of empowering and mobilising societies for social development. Journalists can work in print, broadcast (radio and television) and digital media (online and social media). They may choose to work for a news organisation as a staff writer or reporter, or be independent as a freelance journalist.

Degree options

BA in Communication*
*Communication is a three-year course and is presented full-time at our delivery sites in Mahikeng (MC), Potchefstroom  (PC), and Vanderbijlpark  (VC). 
BA in Graphic Design with Communication**
BA in Graphic Design with Illustration**
**Graphic Design courses are four-year full-time courses and are offered in Potchefstroom (PC) only.

Fields of specialisation

  • Advanced Corporate Communication
  • Development Communication
  • Journalism and Media Studies

Core subjects

Where identified in brackets, the subject is available only on a specific delivery site: Potchefstroom (PC), Mahikeng (MC) and Vanderbijlpark (VC).
First-year subjects
KCOM111 Introduction to Mass Communication
KCOM112 Introduction to Communication Contexts
COMS113 Writing in Different Contexts
COMS114 Introduction to Visual Communication
KCOM121 Introduction to Journalism
COMS123 Introduction to Development Communication
COMS124 Introduction to Corporate Communication
Second-year subjects
KCOM211 Publishing
COMS212 Identity and Diversity in Development Communication Contexts
COMS213 Corporate Communication
COMS214 Social Media
COMS215 Radio Broadcasting (MC)
COMS221 Reputation Management
COMS222 Corporate Communication: Writing for Internal Audiences
COMS223 Visual Communication (MC, VC)
COMS224 Television Broadcasting (MC)
COMS225 CSR Communication (PC)
Third-year subjects
COMS311 Communication Theory
COMS312 Corporate Communication: Writing for External Audiences (PC, VC)
COMS313 Applied Web Development (MC, VC)
COMS314 Radio Production (MC)
KCOM318 Development Communication (MC, PC)
COMS321 Communication Ethics and Law
COMS322 Research Methodology
COMS323 Television Production (MC)
COMS324 Applied Multimedia Development (VC)
COMS325 Integrated Communication
COMS326 Core Skills in Journalism (PC)
KCOM328 Marketing Communication
Additional subjects
ENLL111 Introduction to literary genres (I)
ENLS112 English for specific purposes
ENLL121 Introduction to literary genres (II) and grammatical analysis
ENLS122 English language for professional purposes

Admission requirements

APS score of 24
English Level 5 (60–70%)
The APS calculator can assist with calculation of APS score.

Career opportunities

  • Internal communication practitioner
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Brand and reputation management
  • Media relations
  • Creating communication material and publications (printed and digital)
  • Online content management and social media management
  • Communication research
  • Stakeholder relations management
  • Crisis communication
  • Sponsorship liaison
  • Corporate communication consultant
  • Journalist (digital, print, broadcast)
  • Influencer
  • Media policy analyst
  • Academic
  • Researcher
  • Publisher
  • Technical writer


Postgraduate studies

  • BA Communication (Honours) (PC, MC)
  • MA (PC, MC)
  • PhD (PC, MC)
Specialist fields: