The qualifications offered explore the rapidly changing field of language and its relevance to society. By studying in the School of Languages you will gain a deeper understanding of the nature of language and literature, and will learn about various ways of analysing different kinds of language and texts in context. Depending on your programme and subject choices, you can also gain knowledge and skills regarding language-related practical applications such as language technology, language practice and creative writing.

Degree options

BA in Language and Literary Studies (PC, MC)       
BA in Language and Literary Studies with Languages (VC)
BA in Language and Literary Studies with Language Practice (VC)
BA in Language and Literary Studies with Language Practice and Communication (VC)
All courses are offered full-time over three years, and are offered on our Mahikeng (MC), Potchefstroom (PC) and/or Vanderbijlpark (VC) campuses, as indicated above.

Subjects offered

**Where identified in brackets, the subject is available only on a specific campus: Mahikeng Campus (MC), Potchefstroom Campus (PC), Vanderbijlpark Campus (VC).

  • Academic Literacy (MC, PC, VC)
  • Afrikaans and Dutch (PC, VC)
  • Creative Writing (PC)
  • English (MC, PC, VC)
  • French (MC, PC, VC)
  • German (PC, VC)
  • Language Practice (MC, PC, VC) 
  • Language Technology (PC)
  • Sesotho (VC)
  • Setswana (MC, PC)
  • South African Sign Language (PC)

Admission requirements

  • APS of 24
  • Afrikaans, English, Setswana and Sesotho: Home Language Level 4 (50–60%) OR First Additional Language Level 5 (60–70%)
  • No entrance requirements for French, German and language acquisition modules in Setswana and Sesotho

Please click here to go to the APS calculator.

Career opportunities

  • Creative writing and freelance writing
  • Translation, interpreting, editing, proofreading
  • Teaching (NB: when combined with a postgraduate teaching certificate/diploma)
  • Academia and research
  • Language technology (NB: when combined with a language technology degree)
  • Communication and journalism
  • Broadcasting industry
  • Publishing industry
  • Lexicography
  • Language specialisation in the government and industry sectors
  • Curriculum design (requires postgraduate study)
  • Journalism
  • Copy, technical and content writing
  • Publishing and advertising
  • Specialised secretarial and administrative work
  • Foreign language practice
  • Foreign customer services