Conservatory Study

Conservatory study

The NWU School of Music offers practical music instruction through the Conservatory to anyone who is interested, from full-time registered non-music students, staff, school learners, adults and retirees. Previous experience is not required, although preference will be given to advanced learners.

New applicants must audition and/or do an aptitude test before admission can be considered. Applicants who have passed the audition and/or aptitude test are provisionally accepted to the Conservatory for one year. Conservatory students may participate in the annual bursary competition, as well as student concerts, on approval by the lecturer.

Please download and read the Guide for Conservatory music lessons: application, selection & admission (PDF) carefully for full information on the requirements and procedures for application, selection and admission to Conservatory study.

Deadline for applications:

  • For the 1st semester 2022 — 21 February 2022
  • For the 2nd semester 2022 — 25 July 2022


Apply online before the closing date.


For further information, please contact Mr Daniël Jacobs, tel. +27 18 299–4430 /