Singing / Vocal Studies

Singing / Vocal Studies


Singing students cover a large repertoire of songs and arias from different classical styles and in various languages such as Italian, German, French, English and Afrikaans. They also get the opportunity to participate in master classes with visiting lecturers from South Africa and abroad. Students are encouraged to take part in competitions at North-West University, as well as SAMRO, ATKV Muziqanto, Phillip H. Moore, to name but a few.

A new venture was recently started to also include a contemporary commercial music voice major. Students who wish to study CCM may sing in any one or a mixture of the various genres that fall under this term, such as pop, rock, musical theatre and jazz.

We are very proud of our singers at the School of Music and we endeavour to assist them as far as possible in building a performing or teaching career. Former students, through hard work and dedication, have been accepted in Europe to further their studies. Some already have major careers in opera houses all over Europe and in the UK.

Because it is important to us to maintain a high level of teaching which can be matched at overseas institutions, the singing lecturers excel in their profession as voice pedagogues, researchers and performers. Our singing students are some of the most audible students in the School of Music and makes the building come alive with their singing every day!

For further information about Singing/Vocal Studies at the School of Music, please contact any of the lecturers: Ms Tammy Aslett | Prof Conroy Cupido | Ms Jana Mathee | Dr Antoinette Olivier | Prof Santisa Viljoen.