Video requirements


Please ensure that your audition videos meet all the following requirements:

  • Each separate performance should be recorded in a separate video.
  • Ensure that the sound in each recording is clear and without any background noise.
  • Ensure that each video is bright enough to clearly show your face.
  • At the start of each performance/video, clearly state your full name and student number, as well as the title of the music you will perform,
    e.g. My name is Jon Batiste, student number 12345678, and I'm going to perform "Freedom".
  • If a video is quite large (>50MB), compress it with an app for Android or iOS to make it easier and quicker to upload.
  • Rename each video file to:
    e.g. John Batiste – 12345678 – piano – video 1
    (Find instructions to change video names on Android and iPhone.)

Submissions that don't meet these requirements exactly will be discarded.


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