Creative Writing

Available on the Potchefstroom Campus


What is Creative Writing?

Creative Writing entails the writing of creative texts such as short stories, poems, children’s stories and drama texts. It is a fully fledged graduate subject and is mainly selected by students majoring in languages. No specific entrance requirements are applicable to enrolment at first-year level. However, entrance to the second- and third-year levels of study is subject to selection processes. Creative Writing can generally be combined with any other language subject. The course covers both creative writing theory and practical creative writing. Approximately half the assessment marks are awarded for a student’s own original writing creations.  Creative Writing is offered in English and Afrikaans and fluency in at least one of these two languages is a requirement. All study materials are made available in both languages, and interpreting services are provided if needed. Students also have the option to submit selected creative assignments in the African language of their choice, provided suitable markers are available.

Why study Creative Writing?

  • Creative Writing expands and refines your language and writing skills.
  • The skills that you learn while studying Creative Writing can contribute to your employability in a wide range of disciplines, including publishing, education, journalism, creative industries, public relations and marketing, content creation and social media.
  • Creative Writing allows you to clarify your thoughts as well as your emotions.
  • Creative Writing can lead to publication opportunities and a professional writing career.

Course information

This subject offers wide user applications given our focus on developing creativity and writing skills in various creative genres. We are also with interdisciplinary creative and research projects. With our latest project, Byderhand, we experiment with digital tools to create digital literary works and place-specific digital literature.

Possible Career Opportunities

  • Creative writing
  • Freelance writing
  • Journalism
  • Publishing
  • Broadcasting industry
  • Scriptwriter
  • Digital storytelling
  • Library and information work
  • Language practitioner work
  • Academia & research
  • Copywriting
  • Editorial work
  • Advertising
  • Teaching (when combined with other languages and postgraduate teaching certificate/diploma)

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