Vision and Mission

The Faculty of Humanities strives to become the preferred choice in the field of humanities by providing critical and intellectual thinking opportunities about the human experience as a whole. We believe in engaged research, and ethical teaching and learning for all students, which affirm our African identity in pursuit of excellence in scholarship and social responsibility.

The faculty strives to provide stakeholders with a remarkable and exceptional experience in teaching, learning, research and community engagement initiatives. The faculty also intends to contribute to the social, economic and cultural transformation of the local, national and international community by utilising our expertise in the field to address the challenges of the 21st century.

We will do this by:

  • embracing the core function of this university that is situated in Africa and promotes excellence in teaching, learning, research and socially responsive scholarship rooted in Africa for participation in a globalised society,
  • in order to instil in our students an understanding of our shared heritage and diverse languages, cultures and experiences reflecting in our student body,
  • in order to lead pioneering initiatives so as to transform/decolonise the curricula of the discipline, and
  • attracting and retaining staff of the highest calibre in a manner that acknowledges and is sensitive to inequalities and inequities created by apartheid and colonialism,
  • in order to connect the faculty with other disciplines in the university, and will seek regional, national and international collaborations to fulfil its purpose,
  • demonstrating the faculty's value towards all stakeholders, which includes:
 An ethic of care
 Academic integrity
 Academic freedom and freedom of scientific research
 Responsibility, accountability, fairness and transparency
 Embracing equity and diversity and human dignity