Ethics Committee for Language Matters (ECLM)

The Ethics Committee for Language Matters (ECLM) is one of the NWU’s approved research ethics committees. It is an independent ethics committee functioning in the Faculty of Humanities, alongside BaSSREC and the HSSREC. The ECLM reviews, for ethics approval purposes, studies within the broad field of humanistic disciplines that research human language use in social, political, institutional, cultural and historical environments and developmental contexts, that are of minimal risk and do not involve vulnerable groups, children and health or health-related research. The ECLM reviews student and staff research projects that were approved by a relevant scientific committee. The ECLM reviews low or minimal risk studies in the field of human language use. Studies with medium or high risk levels are referred to appropriately registered research ethics committees by the chairperson. The current chairperson is Susan Coetzee-Van Rooy (; the current vice-chairperson is Johanita Kirsten ( Completed applications to the ECLM (including all supporting documents) are emailed to the chairperson and vice-chairperson.  The ECLM meets regularly to ensure efficient and effective review processes and decision making processes.

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